Hello, I'm Jennie

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here.

If you're anything like me, you're likely to be curious about the person behind the company.

Hello, I'm Jennie. My love of languages has been part of my life as far back as I can remember...

We have German family friends; we're now into the 4th generation of friendship after my grandmother took part in a school exchange in the early 1950s! (How brave were her parents?!)

Over the decades our families have kept in touch and when I was young we spent time with them every year, alternating between Germany and the UK. As part of the 3rd generation of this family friendship, Tashi, my sisters and I are carrying on the tradition now we have families of our own.

This love of languages and creating long-lasting meaningful relationships with others through language played a huge part in my career as an English teacher, with a mission to live and work abroad.

During my time living in Italy and Germany I made life-long friends, connecting through our experiences as well as our language skills, before returning to the UK to continue my journey.

So, why did I become a coach? Well, if you're wondering how an English teacher, living and working abroad became a Top-Class Pronunciation Coach here in Scotland, then check out the videos below.

In the videos and texts I share some stories of how I discovered my mission as an English Pronunciation Coach to help you become a confident English communicator, in order that your English skills support your dreams in your role as a Teacher, Coach or Consultants, who has English as a second language.

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Watch this short video to find out more about how I became an English Pronunciation Coach:

How I became an English Pronunciation Coach

I don't know about you, but languages and communicating with others in their own language has been, and still is, a huge part of my life.
That might sound a bit like an oxymoron, considering I'm an English pronunciation coach!

Anyway, when I first started my teaching career, well over a decade ago now, I lived and worked as an English language teacher in Italy, first of all, and then in Germany over several years. And although I spoke both languages, proficiently, now, when I look back, I can see there was a big difference between the two experiences, and that was my confidence in my pronunciation.

German always came very naturally to me, whereas the rolled R in Italian, which doesn't exist in my regional Southern English accent. And the fact that people often commented that I sounded more German for whatever reason, when I spoke in Italian in Italy! These combined, made me feel more self-conscious about the way I spoke.

And I know that this is true for the clients that I work with, those who speak in English as a second language.

Consequently, my mission is to help you feel proud of your pronunciation so that you can speak confidently with whomever you want to, so that you can reach your full potential

If you'd like more information on how to increase your self-confidence in your English pronunciation, please get in touch.
Watch this short video to find out a bit more about Excellence in English Education:

About Excellence in English Education

We understand that non-native speakers of English can sometimes feel embarrassed that their English skills are not as 'perfect' as they 'should' be after all those years of study.

Here at Excellence in English Education, we don't believe in the idea of perfection, but we do believe that everyone should be 100% comfortable with their English pronunciation and the language they use in their workplace or in their personal life.

We've put together a 10-week programme to build your confidence, so that your English skills support you in your journey to reach your goals.

Jennie is a language expert who has successfully completed the ELC Language Coaching Certification (LCC) course which combines the principles, structure and standards of Professional Coaching with the principles of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Psychology – adapting the learning process to be brain friendly and personalised to the learner or learners.
Course attendees must complete 36 hours of Language Coaching training.

Want to use your English skills to reach your goals, but don't feel confident in your English pronunciation?

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