How will it feel when you get rid of your hesitation and the feeling of self-doubt when speaking English?

Do you ever feel:

  • embarrassed about your pronunciation

  • worried about your mistakes

  • like your English isn't good enough to use at work

  • self-doubt which makes you hesitate before speaking

English pronunciation is not easy, especially when it's not your first language. 

But don't worry, you're not alone.

Just imagine when you...

  • hold your head high when speaking with proficient English speakers 

  • are able to smile, relax and focus on your message, while connecting with the people around you

  • aim for and reach your professional goals, knowing your language skills are supporting you
  • speak fluently, with clarity and confidence 
Headshot of English Language Coach for non-native Teachers of English

The Session

  • make sure the English pronunciation you're using sounds natural, so you can speak with confidence
  • discuss your doubts in a caring, non-judgemental environment
  • learn how to feel proud of your pronunciation, for better job satisfaction
  • enhance your knowledge and understanding of English pronunciation so you can speak clearly and fluently

Let's get you working towards your goals.

Take this 45-minute professional development session to unpack your biggest pronunciation challenge:
  • get some simple tips to correct fossilised errors
  • start making your pronunciation clearer and more fluent to be a better communicator
  • take away manageable tools, to help you continue with your language journey
  • develop your understanding of English pronunciation to increase your confidence, so you can take advantage of your English skills knowing they are supporting you at all times
Angela Says

"I received from [Jennie] not only interesting hints but also a good relationship, fundamental in learning."

Crissie Says

"[Jennie] can teach knowledge that I never found inside a normal English school."

Annaluna Says

"As far as I’m concerned, I would have loved to meet [Jennie] a long time ago!"


Of course we're confident you'll be delighted with Your Starter Package session, but if not, we will offer a full refund if requested within 14 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the course?

This programme includes 1 live sessions with me, Jennie through Zoom.

What level of English do I need to attend this course?

You don't need a certain certificate, however, I'd recommend a B2 level or above would be a minimum to get the most out of this programme.

What happens if I can't attend a live call?

Don't worry, I know life can get in the way - 24 hours notice should be given to book, cancel or reschedule any lessons. Unless extreme circumstances, classes cancelled within 24 hours before scheduled time, will be charged full price.

Can I work with you in a group setting?

I'd be happy to discuss my group courses with you, you can find more information on this page, alternatively arrange a call with me by clicking here.

How do I schedule my appointment?

The 1:1 coaching sessions are set at convenient times for you. After purchase you will receive a Zoom link and confirmation of our session together.

Can I continue with classes at the end of the course?

Of course! If you find yourself in need of more coaching, simply purchase the product again.

Alternatively, discuss your needs with me and we'll work out the best next step for you.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident you'll be delighted with our course, but if not, we will offer a full refund if requested within 14 days of the coaching starting.

What if I can't afford this course right now?

Please get in touch at [email protected], to discuss what would be the best course of action for you right now.