By the end of the course, you will have:

  • complete confidence in your accent
  • total control of your pronunciation
  • clarity of difficult to pronounce sounds
  • the ability to teach pronunciation to your students

Do you ever worry about your pronunciation?

This 5-part course involves:

  • working through the tricky sounds of the English language to enhance your understanding to enable you to help your learners
  • improving your pronunciation in order to increase your confidence in your spoken English
  • becoming a better model for your students so they can become fluent speakers of English

As teachers of English we set an example for all our students and here at Excellence in English Education we understand that we can't always set aside regular times to study, which is why we've put together this online course, which you can access any time, for as long as you need.

NB: If you sign up for a 10-week 1:1 online course with Excellence in English Education, you get free access to this online pronunciation course.

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